April 26, 2018

Bandsintown now has integrated Apple Music streaming

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Bandsintown now has integrated Apple Music streaming

An update to concert tracking app Bandsintown now allows Apple Music to be streamed while Bandsintown is in use.

Apple Music is now integrated directly within the app itself, taking a step further from the previous functionality that allowed for users to search for concerts based on the contents of their Apple Music library.

Now users can stream the hits of touring artists directly from their artist page in the app, thanks to Apple’s MusicKit.

With the latest change, Bandsindown says that it goal is to “enhance music and artist discovery for all of its users.”

Bandsintown does allow users to connect their Spotify account to the app to create alerts for touring artists and serve up recommendations, but as yet no similar listening integration has been proposed.

Apple Music recently hit the 40 million paid subscriber mark, as it rapidly moves towards Spotify who have 71 million.