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Australia’s twnty three opens US office [exclusive]

Australia’s twnty three opens US office [exclusive]
Image: Melody Forghani by Sean Walker

Sydney artist management and PR agency twnty three has announced the opening of a Los Angeles office.

Twnty three (or 23 Media) was founded by Melody Forghani, also a co-programmer of BIGSOUND.

“I’ve been thinking about it for the last year,” Forghani tells TMN.

“I manage a band called Vallis Alps, and when we were looking for publicity overseas, it was just so expensive and time-consuming and it felt so unattainable for an independent act to afford the fees for a PR campaign in the US.”

It made sense to shortcut the process by having someone already there with clout and contacts with the US media.

Enter Amanda Perlstein, who heads up the US office, whom Forghani describes as “coming from an amazing background. She’s well versed in different worlds and outlets and well respected.”

Perlstein worked at indie-orientated companies as Stones Throw, Partisan Records/Knitting Factory Records, Big Hassle Media, and Shore Fire Media.

The pair already found success with a US campaign for Erthlings, four 16-year-olds who’ve released two singles through Future Classic, one of twnty three’s clients.

“They’ve reached quite a wide audience and got a review in the New York Times.”

Forghani says, “In Australia we have so many amazing musicians and to be able to cross over internationally is really challenging.

“So we’re excited to step up to help bridge the gap.

“Each act is so different so there’s no formula in trying to break them.

“But you start by finding early fans, who’ll be their champions and who understand what they’re going for.”

Current Australia PR includes: Airling, Alex Cameron, Body Type, Cautious Clay, Dune Rats, Gauci, Kelsey Bulkin, Lil Spacely, Maribou State, NIKI, Noname, No Mono, Omar Apollo, Saint Lane, These New South Whales, Todd Terje, Triple One, Vallis Alps, Wafia, Westerman, Willaris. K,

Current US PR: Alpine, Allen Tate (San Fermin), Hayes Peebles, Happy Sundays LBC, Mono/Poly, Parisalexa, Sunset Rollercoaster,

Current Australia & US PR: breathe., Christopher Port, Erthlings.

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