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Features July 24, 2019

Australian artists get real on how they get paid

Michael Di Iorio
Australian artists get real on how they get paid

Ask anyone performing in music and they will tell you, income streams are hard to come by, so it’s important to secure as many as possible when making an artist business plan for the year.

We spoke to three successful Aussie artists: Casey Barnes, Alice Ivy, and Greta Stanley, three incredible musicians at three very different stages in their careers, on how exactly they get paid for their hard work, both Downunder and overseas.

Casey is an eclectic country artist with plenty of experience touring the US, Alice is a multi-talented musician who self-publishes her work and also produces and co-writes for others, and Greta is an incredible singer-songwriter making waves across the country.

What ties these three very different artists together is that in talking about how they make their money, the one income stream they all share is from APRA AMCOS Performance Reports.

These reports, which are due annually on July 31, have supported multiple Aussie artists to reach their goals, by providing them with a reliable income stream based on royalties and rewards.

APRA AMCOS Performance Reports are important for multiple reasons. They kick start your musical circle of life, they instrumentally impact one’s career, and they take no time at all to complete, meaning they fit into the business plan of any artist, no matter how big or small.

Here’s what these artists had to say about how they get paid:

Casey Barnes

In what ways have APRA AMCOS Performance Reports benefited your career in music?

The funds that have been generated from my Performance Reports over the last few years have become incredibly important and it’s exciting seeing them increase little by little every year too!

Have you done overseas performance reports as well? How do they help with your international plans and endeavours?

I definitely have and even as recently as this year when I toured over in the US. We plan on heading back over in November for a more extensive tour of the States so this side of things will be really important.

What are some different ways that you have been able to gain royalties for your work?

There are so many different ways to generate income these days which is brilliant. Everything from live performances, radio spins and TV plays, syncs from other platforms and media…

I’ve even been lucky enough to have a lot of my music used in onboard airline in-flight entertainment which helps on the royalty front too.

Watch the video for Casey Barnes ‘Better Days’ below:

Alice Ivy

In what ways have APRA AMCOS Performance Reports benefited your career in music?

Live income is an essential part of my business and as such, I always stay on top of my Live Performance Reports to ensure I’m receiving the maximum benefit in November. Every little bit counts.

How do you plan on spending your next Performance Report payment?

When you tour as frequently as me your gear cops a lot of wear and tear. I’ll probably be putting it towards some new pressies for my live rig.

How have your opportunities to earn royalties changed over the course of your career?

As time goes on, I’ve devoted more time and attention to co-writing and producing for others, always looking to expand my catalogue and repertoire.

Whilst I’m still self-published these days I work more closely with publishers, jumping in the writing room with their artists every chance I get.

How important is the Performance Report to your career?

It’s a fundamental aspect of live touring income and I think it’s important that all registered songwriters and performing artists are educated and aware of the potential benefits it can bring.

Watch the video for Alice Ivy’s ‘In My Mind’ ft. Ecca Vandal below

Greta Stanley

In what ways have APRA AMCOS Performance Reports benefited your career in music?

I think for most musicians, there are so many variables to our income. It can be hard to afford all the things you’d like to give yourself for the best shot at success.

So knowing that just from playing your songs live you’re actually entitled to some income outside of the set gig fee is pretty awesome. I find that the payments always roll in right when I need them.

Last time I had a photoshoot and a video I wanted to get going – and I was a little strapped for cash given everything else I was trying to simultaneously afford – so it was quite a relief to have this money you don’t really account for come in.

How do you plan on spending your next Performance Report payment?

I never really know how much to expect, it’s always an exciting surprise! So, nothing is set in my mind – but I’d like to put it towards creating some merch to sell on tours and I would like to create another album. I’ll just pool it into the music dream.

How have your opportunities to earn royalties changed over the course of your career?

CD sales have sadly become even less of a thing than they were a few years ago when I started releasing my own music, (I still buy all my friends’!).  Other than that, the sources of income haven’t changed too much.

I get paid more for gigs these days than when I was starting out, but I still work two jobs outside music as well.

Listen to Greta Stanley’s song ‘Kick’ below:

As seen with these three artists, diligence towards getting rewarded for your hard work will always get you far. But, it isn’t about how much money you make in the end. What APRA AMCOS Performance Reports are really for, is making sure your efforts do not go unrewarded.

APRA AMCOS Performance Reports are due annually on July 31, and encompass all of the gigs you’ve played over the last 12 months. Then, in November, you will receive royalties based on your hard work. Simple as.

So what are you waiting for? You have a report to hand in! Time is running out…

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This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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