New Signings August 17, 2020

Aussie acts find new homes at Fearless & Greyscale Records

Aussie acts find new homes at Fearless & Greyscale Records
Chase Atlantic, Bloom / Facebook

Despite the shut-down, more independent Aussie acts are finding new label homes.

Chase Atlantic, now based in Los Angeles, have signed with Culver City, California-based Fearless Records as its second Aussie act.

The trio, described as “the missing link between woozy trap, nocturnal R&B, and psychedelic alternative”, have dropped a new single ‘Out The Roof’.

“As our first release of the year, we wanted to come back strong with a song that reflected the chaotic world around us,” the band said.

“We wrote the song in one night and traveled to the Mojave Desert to film the music video the next day.”

Since forming, Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave, and Christian Anthony have generated over 200 million streams, notably ’55.9 million on Spotify for ‘Friends and 41.8 million for ‘Swim’

Melbourne label have signed Sydney melodic hardcore outfit Bloom.

They drop new EP In Passing in early October, following up from past triple j-programmed singles ‘Cold’ and ‘The Service’.

Vocalist Jono Hawkey commented on the euphoria in the band with the signing, saying it was a feeling of “relief more than anything else. 

“We’ve poured a lot of time, energy and money into this release, and with how this year has panned out, we weren’t sure when it would see the light of day,” he said.

“We are all beyond excited to finally be able to release new music, and can’t wait to get back into the studio to do it again. 

“We are extremely proud of what we’ve made and are so thankful we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Greyscale, and be a part of a roster alongside some of our favourite acts.”

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