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News April 14, 2022

Association of Artist Managers Set Inaugural AAM Awards

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Association of Artist Managers Set Inaugural AAM Awards

Artist managers, the unsung power behind the performer, will now be recognised for their achievements with an awards ceremony.

Announced this week, the inaugural AAM Awards will shine a light on the efforts and contribution of managers within the Australian music industry, and is an initiative of the Association of Artist Managers (AAM).

The first edition is set for lunchtime on May 3 at Music Market, Melbourne, just before the industry gathers for the 2022 APRA Awards.

Four categories will be announced on the day: breakthrough manager of the year, manager of the year, community engagement award and the legacy award.

Only AAM members can be shortlisted, and only AAM members can vote on the awards, which the trade body plans to continue each year as a boutique event.

The AAM Awards is one of several new membership events established by AAM under the guidance of executive director Maggie Collins, who has steered the trade body in a full-time capacity since last September.

“Artist managers tend to avoid the limelight, but recognition of their critical role in the wider music ecosystem is long overdue,” comments Collins. “There are so many reasons why this is important. A supported and appreciated manager is able to build stable foundations, show leadership in the face of adversity, and protect the interests and livelihood of the most important members of this entire industry – the artists.”

With Collins at the helm, the AAM announced the inaugural Right Here Right Now conference in December 2021.

The AAM Awards “are not about giving everyone a participation certificate,” she continues. “It’s in everyone’s best interests that these leaders; who often work in silos and take on large financial and personal risks, are celebrated and valued for the important work they do.”

Nominations in the first three categories are now open, and are due to close Tuesday, April 19.

The top 10 in each category will then be judged by a music industry panel, who will determine the Top 5 finalists, and ultimately the winners.

The legacy award will be decided by the AAM Board.

Oztix will present inaugural AAM Awards, details for which can be found at


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