News November 15, 2015

Arts Party to contest North Sydney by-election

Arts Party to contest North Sydney by-election

Australia’s newest federal party, the Arts Party, will contest its first by-election.

Lou Pollard will be among 13 candidates standing for Joe Hockey’s former North Sydney seat on December 15.

The Arts Party was set up by performer PJ Collins to encourage a more creative, cultural, educated and artistic life for all Australians and to ensure it is an integral part of life rather than an option. It also wants to verify that the arts and creative sector’s problems – including funding – and initiatives get a rightful voice in state and federal politics.

More than half its members are women, the party points out.

It was crowd-funded into existence in late 2014. But its early plan was thwarted when the sudden announcement of the last federal election meant it, and some other minor parties, were left unregistered.

Pollard is a comedian and performer from North Sydney who for the last nine years has “concentrated on the therapeutic role of the arts to aid the most vulnerable members of our community – children, elderly people and families.”

She added, “I am a self employed arts-working single mother of three kids so I can think on my feet and I truly understand the challenges faced by many in the electorate who are struggling to keep businesses afloat, elderly parents cared for, children educated, and rent/mortgages paid in an area where property prices are soaring.”

Pollard is up against candidates from the Liberal Democrats, the Greens, the Sustainable Population Party, Voluntary Euthanasia Party, Future Party, Christian Democratic Party, Palmer United Party, Bullet Train For Australia, Liberal, Australian Cyclists Party and two independents.

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