News August 9, 2019

Apple launches insights tool Apple Music for Artists

Apple launches insights tool Apple Music for Artists

Musicians on can now access a new analytics tool, set to deliver unparalleled visibility into their global audiences.

Apple Music for Artists has officially finished Beta testing, and any artist can now sign in either in browser or via the standalone iOS app.

By logging on to claim their account at, artists can access new details and analytics about their streaming numbers, plays on Apple algorithmic radio and sales from iTunes.

Diving into their data, artists and their teams can view how and where their music is featuring on Apple Music or curator playlists.

Never-before-seen insights are also available in terms of audience demographics and locations of where their music is consumed, making it easier than ever before to plan tours and customise set-lists for each specific city.

In addition, Apple’s purchase of Shazam is bearing fruit, with the platform’s data integrated, with the top Shazamed cities available.

Other data available includes average number of daily listeners, music video views and merics. Artists will also receive notifications when there are significant changes to data.

The launch of Apple Music for Artists brings the platform into line with its biggest competitor Spotify, which has its own Spotify for Artists portal.

For more information and to claim an artist account, head to

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