News April 27, 2021

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane included in Apple Music’s new daily City Charts

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane included in Apple Music’s new daily City Charts

, and are included in ’s newly-launched with over 100 other cities around the world.

News of the new chart was first reported in TMN in March, but at the time the specific cities were not known.

The new charts digs deeper into local tastes than the Daily Top 100 and the country-specific charts for 116 nations which includes Australia.

City Charts track the music that subscribers have on repeat in cities around the world to reveal which local and international acts are gaining momentum with Apple Music listeners. They’re ranked on a combination of total plays and additional signals, taking into account listening patterns, what music subscribers have on repeat and other metrics Apple did not reveal.

They are featured in Apple Music’s Charts page and are accessible via the Browse or Search pages, or by asking Siri to play a local city chart.

Users can add City Charts to their library, download them, and share them with friends.

As part of the City Charts, Apple Music has introduced new features for subscribers.

Artists can add their own moving images to artist detail pages, in addition to the past feature of adding moving images of their album artwork.

Subscribers can now share their favourite lyrics in real-time using Messages, Facebook and Instagram Stories.

They can trace the latest releases from hundreds of record labels, while a Made For You library shortcut accesses personal mixes and Replay playlists.

Cities which now have the offering include Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Chicago, Auckland, Cologne, Miami, Detroit, Manila, Rome, Madrid, London, Dublin, Montreal, Cape Town, Istanbul, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Naples, Glasgow, London and Los Angeles.

Apple Music’s subsidiary Shazam also has discovery charts for cities, countries and genres.

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