News November 19, 2017

Aon & APRA AMCOS announce tailored insurance policy for musicians

Peter Tuskan
Charts Editor

Australian musicians now have access to a game-changing new insurance policy through Aon.

Developed over a number of years in collaboration with Australian music industry body APRA AMCOS, the Music Support Policy covers lost income following accidental injury, illness or permanent disability or death.

Simon Calabrese, Client Director, Entertainment & Events, AON, highlights the affordability and flexibility of the policy that is specifically designed to meet the tailored needs of modern day musicians.

“We know entertainment clients are often tied for time and important decisions such as purchasing insurance can sometimes fall off the radar but we also know there are always going to be risks, on or off stage,” Calabrese said.

Personal accident and illness options start at $74.25 a year, and provide vital support for up to three years of lost income. The highest tier of cover, Muso Extra Support+, begins at $460.35.

Considering the travel-intensive nature of professional musicianship, The Music Support Policy offers 24-hour, worldwide protection not only on stage, but also while travelling to and from a gig, as well as other everyday activities. A detailed description on Aon’s website reads:

Where you have suffered an injury sickness during the policy period, the policy will respond by paying you a weekly settlement that you’ve selected or is up to 85% of the gross weekly income derived from your activities as a musician or music/singing teacher.”

“The policy offers peace of mind and can reduce the stress caused by lack of income if you become sick or injured,” said Milly Petriella, APRA AMCOS Director Member Relations. 

For more information on the Musicians Support Policy, visit Aon’s website.

This article has been updated to reflect that all Australian musicians, not just APRA AMCOS members, have access to the Aon scheme.

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