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News January 19, 2021

Anti-Touting Group FEAT launches guide to stop scalping

Anti-Touting Group FEAT launches guide to stop scalping

Anti-touting group FEAT (Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing) has published a guide for agents and promoters to stop scalping.

Stop Touting: A Guide to Personalised Tickets in Europe features step-by-step instructions on implementing a tout-proof personalised ticketing system.

According to Scumeck Sabottka, CEO, MCT-Agentur and FEAT Director, the aim of the guide is to show how ticket personalisation can be done “straightforwardly and successfully”.

The guide also explains the size of the scalping issue within various European countries, as well as specific rules and regulations to keep in mind for each territory.

On top of that, the guide includes suggestions for ticketing platforms that can be used to help prevent touting.

Sabottka explained that now is the perfect time to brush up on methods of ticket selling due to the pandemic.

“My hope is that the live business will use this pandemic-induced standstill to improve the way we sell tickets, and protect artists, fans and our own businesses from these ticket touting vampires,” he said.

Nicole Jacobsen, Managing Director and Co-Owner of said that she hopes the guide will give the live sector “the confidence it needs” to begin focusing on personalised ticketing.

Meanwhile, FEAT Director Sam Shemtob added: “Navigating the various markets across Europe, with different ticket laws in different states, can be difficult. With this guide, we hope to make things a little easier for artists, managers, agents and promoters who want to do the right thing.”

FEAT was established in January 2019 in order to promote anti-touting methods, face-value resale and better resale practises throughout Europe.

The guide is available for free download from the FEAT website.

This article originally appeared on The Industry Observer, which is now part of The Music Network.


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