October 27, 2015

AMA returns Melbourne Guitar Show

AMA returns Melbourne Guitar Show


To celebrate the quintessential popular musical instrument, the guitar, the Australian Music Association (AMA) and australianmusician.com.au announce the return of the ultimate guitar experience, the esteemed Melbourne Guitar Show set to enthrall music lovers, collectors, performers and industry folk at the Caulfield Racecourse on August 8 and 9.

Dedicated solely to the guitar (and other stringed varieties) and its associated technologies and published materials, the exhibition will showcase all the biggest brands in music, plus names and instruments you don’t see every day in your local music store.  It will host an impressive range of electric and acoustic guitars, ukuleles and traditional instruments, as well as FX and amps.

The show will feature the leaders of the game in homegrown manufacture and craftsmanship with boutique Australian designs from our talented Luthiers and specialised amplifier manufacturers, as well as collectors assembling vintage masterpieces for sale.

Presented by australianmusician.com.au, the show boasts big-name wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and organisations, providing exceptional buying opportunities in what will be Melbourne’s biggest pop-up guitar shop open for one weekend only!  It will offer punters the opportunity to see, hear and play an extensive range of the world’s favourite brands, and will also provide a platform for guitar retailers to offer unbeatable show deals.

“We are excited to be able to present the Melbourne Guitar Show once more. It was always a killer event for guitar enthusiasts of all levels,” says AMA CEO, Rob Walker.  “We are excited to showcase our industry’s products and the wealth of local talent that Melbourne and Australia has to offer – we seek to grow our guitar community, educate and entertain.” 

The Melbourne Guitar Show will also showcase the cream of Australia’s guitar talent including Jeff Lang, Lloyd Spiegel, Davidson Brothers, James Ryan, Simon Hosford, Nick Charles, King of the North, Racer Axe and more, and will be armed with an impressive program featuring live performances, educational seminars and G-Shops.  

Walker concluded that “Australia has some of the world’s best players and it will be a pleasure to present them along with an opportunity for guitar lovers to take advantage of lots on show over the weekend.”

Tickets are $20 at the gate, or $17 when pre-ordered

For further information, visit www.australianmusician.com.au/melbourne-guitar-show/