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News May 26, 2017

ABC announces new content & digital roles as nine radio positions axed

ABC announces new content & digital roles as nine radio positions axed

More jobs have been axed and others created as part of ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie’s plan to move away from management and support to content creation.

The restructure, announced on March 7, expected 200 jobs to be axed to create a $50 million Content Fund. New positions were to be created in regional areas as part of the broadcaster’s Investment in Audiences strategy.

Nine radio jobs are axed while seven more radio staff are transferred to other divisions.

According to ABC Head of Radio Michael Mason, the Content Director of ABC Classic FM will be scrapped, and replaced by a new position called EP Programs.

“This will streamline editorial processes and communication, and align the Classic FM management roles with their network music counterparts at triple j,” Mason said.

The Senior Producer role in Melbourne has been abolished.

“We will combine this responsibility with the Senior Producer in Sydney, and evolve the role to a national Executive Producer of Music Production,” Mason revealed.

Mason also pointed out, “In radio, we are at a pivotal point in realising our 2020 goal of being the home of First Choice Audio.”

But he added, “In Radio, like all parts of the organisation, we need also to reduce management and invest in content creation. We have our own challenges, including audience retention, maintaining relevance in the coming years.”

A further $2.9 million investment in new content and digital development for science, education, and the arts sees a new content position in Music (based in triple j) and six in Science (based in Radio Network).

Altogether there will be nine new digital positions in these categories.

ABC Audio Studios will be created in Brisbane to expand on Radio National’s podcasting platform. It will be lead by Kellie Riordan from Content & Digital.

Of radio executive moves, Linda Bracken goes from Content & Digital for a senior role in Audiences.

Jeremy Millar heads to Strategy & Transformation, as will Deb Moriceau, from the Project Management Office.

The role of Strategic Communications Manager, Radio, moves into the Engagement Team.

Radio’s Business Management positions held by Sam Guthleben and Van Tran will move into the Finance Team.

Justine McSweeney, Manager of Radio and Regional Training, takes a redundancy from June 26 while her team moves overto Engagement.


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