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News October 27, 2015

2BS Gold’s AC/DC ban called out in parliament

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Bathurst radio station 1503 2BS Gold was called out in parliament yesterday when Member for Orange Andrew Gee asked the AM station to lift its long-running ban on AC/DC requests.

According to Radio Info, 2BS Breakfast host Ardin Beech allegedly implemented the ban years ago and when Gee asked Beech to lift the ban, Beech said he would when it was mentioned in parliament. Gee obliged, when the member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly congratulated 2BS Gold on their Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs) nominations – Benny Hope is up for Best Music Director and Janeen Hosemans is up for Best Direct Salesperson – he requested 2BS lift the ban.

“I take this opportunity to formally call on 2BS Gold in Bathurst to lift its ban on AC/DC requests,” said Gee yesterday afternoon. “It is un-Australian and a position that we do not want to see in the country. I formally ask this House to take note of my request and call on the radio station to remedy this gross injustice. I particularly refer to presenter Ardin Beech, who has been at the forefront of this ban for a number of years. It must change.”

Gee has a weekly spot on the breakfast show with him, which includes his Song of the Week. Beech has told TMN the ban is merely his conscious effort to cater to the AM station’s older demographic.

“He often requests AC/DC but because of the station format, (and since the bulk of my listeners are probably 70-year-old ladies) I would joke about it never happening,” Beech told TMN. “So we made a bet: if he mentioned us in a parliamentary speech, I’d play an AC/DC song for him on air. This week he came through with flying colours!

“I think it’s great to see a state politician bring a little fun to the job, in an arena that is often far too staid and boring and/or marred by conflict. He’s a very good sport indeed. Also, he’ll get his AC/DC song now, but only one!”


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