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News October 17, 2019

17 Aussies in first SXSW showcase invite round

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17 Aussies in first SXSW showcase invite round

Seventeen Australian acts – including Baker Boy, Mojo Juju, Ruby Boots and RVG – are among the first 288 acts from around the world invited to showcase at South By Southwest 2020.

It takes place in Austin, Texas, between March 16 and 22.

Melbourne has the lion’s share of 12, which in alphabetical order are: Ali Barter, Approachable Members Of Your Local Community, Baker Boy, Bakers Eddy, Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, Flyying Colours, Gena Rose Bruce, Good Morning, Hachiku, HTRK, Mojo Juju and RVG.

Sydney and Perth contribute two apiece. From Harbour City are Alex the Astronaut and Shady Nasty while flying Perth’s flag are Ruby Boots and Carla Geneve. San Mei is from the Gold Coast.

In 2019, 75 acts were invited in total. 55 finally made the trip over, while the others ran into funding, visa and scheduling issues.

The Australian presence will be highlighted with the work of music export body Sounds Australia and the branded Australia House where there will be presentations, showcases and opportunities for networking

The 288 announced overnight came from all corners of the globe, including Iceland, New Zealand, Brazil, India, South Africa, Ecuador, South Korea, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Hong Kong, the UK, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan and Chile.

SXSW, founded in 1987, brands itself as “the place where entertainment, technology, and media industries converge, creating a global platform for emerging acts, established artists and industry professionals to expand their horizons.”

The conference aspect will look at themes including cultural trends, emerging technologies and new monetization models.

More speakers and panels will be announced on October 22.


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